Rockfield™ Zebra

Bridge Pickup
Product code: RZB
D.C. Resistance: 8.65K
Magnets: USA Alnico V
Lead wire: 4 Conductor

A PAF on Steroids! Just enough to kick start your favorite amp! This Bridge pickup takes from vintage specs and sprinkles in a little thunder and lightning to make a vintage style PAF pickup with more bite and beef than that of the standard PAF. The highs are crisp and ring will the mids are boosted and thick. The low end is more defined and pronounced but not too much to overpower the true definition and tone of this pickup. Thick and full of sustain this is a very versatile pickup for many Rock and Roll applications.

Neck Pickups
Product code: RZN
D.C. Resistance: 7.93K
Magnets: USA Alnico V
Lead wire: 4 Conductor

We decided it would be best to keep the tradition going to have a matching neck position pickup for most if not all of our bridge position models. I mean, why not continue a good thing? This neck pickup is a great compliment to the bridge position Rockfield Zebra, but the twist here is it can also be used by itself in any position for vintage PAF style applications. Bold and mean by its own right this pickup has a great balanced warm tone that is thick and full of life. Wonderful clear note definition - distortion or not. Very articulate and balanced with sustain for days!
Available Colors: