Rockfield Pickups is a relatively new brand, although Todd Rockfield designed pickups and wiring have been in many guitars for some years now. After years of tinkering and research, it was decided to launch the Rockfield Pickup brand. Rockfield pickups are built to rival the best out there. Constructed with the finest USA parts (found in all of the most recognized, highest quality brands) Rockfield pickups are carefully custom wound and assembled with great attention to detail. The word is already out, as quality guitar brands such as B.C. Rich and Michael Kelly Guitars are now using Rockfield pickups as original equipment in their highest quality, upscale models. From classic vintage tone to ripping metal leads, there's a high quality Rockfield humbucker that will define and elevate your own personal tone to new levels!

Rockfield pickups can be found in a growing number of in-store and online retailers. Either way, it's time for you to crack open up our trademark, gleaming metal box packed with the Rockfields of your choice and take the first step in defining your own personal tone!