"...chunky lows, razor-sharp treble attack and ripping mids "
Eric Kikland , Guitar World

Rockfield™ Mafia

Bridge Pickup
Product code:
Black: RMFBB Zebra: RMFBZ
Chrome: RMFBCH
D.C. Resistance – 10.96K
Magnets: Ceramic
Lead wire: 4 Conductor

BC Rich guitars called and asked us, “We like the turbo series but can you do them with a ceramic magnet also?” We replied, “That’s a great Idea! Sure we can, but you have got to use them in everything!” (We didn’t win that battle but it was worth a shot) The use of a ceramic magnet gives any pickup extra power due to the increased magnetic field that they provide. This feature makes the mafia pickups produce a hotter and thicker tone that’s really aggressive and full. The increased low end and thick mids and in your face highs is what rock and roll was built on! Balanced and full of sustain this pickup is a great representation of its namesake, a truly intimidating killer.

Neck Pickup
Product code:
Black: RMFNB Zebra: RMFNZ
Chrome: RMFNCH
D.C. Resistance – 10.33K
Magnets: Ceramic
Lead wire: 4 Conductor

We wanted to make sure the neck version of the mafia pickup was just as full sounding as the bridge position. We wanted to do this without taking away from what we had already accomplished. So we again we went into the wood shed and made very minor modifications to the overall design and design concept of this pickup. When we came out we were confident that the Mafia neck pickup had that punchy bold tone with the same aggressive characteristics as the bridge version. A tad brighter with a little less output really takes this pickup into the smooth and warm realm of the tonal spectrum. All while maintaining that balanced bite and in your face aggressive tone that the mafia is known for!
Available Colors: