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When Kustom® amplifiers first burst into the American musical scene in 1966, no one had ever seen anything like it. Covering its amps in eye-popping automotive upholstery, Kustom instantly created the most visually distinctive amplification products of the era. More importantly, the gear rocked. It seemed that within months, Kustom "Tuck & Roll" products were being seen, and certainly heard, in New York, California and all points in-between.

Being seen with players such as legendary Motown bassist James Jamerson, revolutionary rockers The MC5 and Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty, Kustom amps earned respect on concert stages and in recording studios and rehearsal spaces across the country. This was due to their punchy tones, rugged dependability and one-of-a-kind appearance.

Players had a field day outfitting their bands with the new Kustom products, available in "seven beautiful colors made of durable U.S. Naugahyde® coverings by Uniroyal." The concept came from the mind of a young entrepreneur named Bud Ross in Chanute, Kansas. Through the years that followed, Ross and his team developed a wide range of products, from classic guitar amps to high-powered bass models and flexible P.A. systems.

Now 60 years later, Kustom still expands on this proud heritage with products that once again are capturing the imaginations of musicians around the world. These new designs reflect a company-wide commitment to excellence and innovation, the results of which can be seen in the critically acclaimed Groove Bass® amplifiers, Coupe™ Series tube amps and the best-selling Profile® P.A. systems.

Looking at Kustom's new product line-up, a pattern emerges: They all have gutsy, 3-dimensional tones, unique features, distinctive looks and are built to provide years of dependable service. That's why Kustom can be seen on concert stages with Sheryl Crow, Rich Eckhardt (Toby Keith), Michael Davis (the MC5), Erben Perez (Marc Anthony), Bryce Soderberg (Lifehouse), Freekbass, Paolo Gregoletto (Trivium) among others.

Discover the legacy of Kustom for yourself. Find out why, 60 years later, players are still talking about the sight and sound of a Kustom amplifier's & pro audio systems.